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Captains' Comments on Proposed Rule & Policy Change - updated 5/10/04

Below are comments from two captains on the proposed changes. Additional comments will be posted here as they are available.

Proposal One - Rule #14 Forfeiture/Court Cancellation Policy
Although I would like to see the player not have to drive to the club knowing they are not going to play because of a default, I am also concerned when both teams are going to have to default position and one team happens to call the other team first, then that team gets the points when they really did not have sufficient players to field all positions either, but got "lucky" because you called first. Now they can put anyone they want into the line-up - qualify someone who might be injured, someone who needs to play a second match but can't fit it into their schedule, put the weaker player in to get them their second match and not really have to possibly lose the position if they really played. With this said, I am suggesting to my team not to change the present rule 14 even though it seems silly to drive to the club just to pick up the points when you know they don't have people to play.

Proposal Two - Rule #19 Participation of out of District Teams
As I was reading the 3 proposals for rule changes, I am very troubled by the removal of the word "affected" from part 3 of original rule which then becomes part 2 of the proposed change without the word "affected." Many of the teams which play in our league are not affected by, for example, a team playing from Brattleboro, VT asking to play with the 4.0 Senior Men. If all captains are asked to vote on this particular team which may affect 3 teams, the majority could care less because they don't have to drive there or wait 4 to 6 hours to complete a match if it is raining and the outdoor courts can't be used. On the other side, maybe only 2 teams are affected and they don't mind driving 1 1/2 hours to some location but the rest of the league which don't have to do the driving, do and vote no! I am voicing my opinion to all as well as to my teammates and suggesting they vote no to changing the wording of current rule 19 since the word "affected" is an important part of the rule.