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Captain's Meeting Update 9/10/17

Valley League of Western Mass
Captain’s Meeting Agenda
9/10/17 - 12:30 pm


  • Dawn Fleury & Karen Fawthrop – Local League Coordinators
  • Lynn Kucejko – Treasurer
  • Sue Shaw – New Captain Coordinator
  • Marguerite Brennen – Faithful Volunteer / Team-Player MatchUp Coordinator
  • Louise Sterling – Webmaster
  • Caroline Sarner – 2.5 & 3.0 Women’s Level Coordinator
  • Gary Lehring – Men’s Levels Coordinator
  • Great things in Tennis – Volunteer Opportunities
  • Congratulations to all who advanced to the District and Sectional Championships!  Special congrats to Sonja Mason’s 55 & Over 6.0 Women’s team Shirelles from BWAC … advancing to Nationals!
  • Thank You to all Captains
  • 2017 Captains Gift & Local League Winner Prize pick-up
  • Treasury Update
  • Tennis – Confirmation of Players for this afternoon!
  1. RATINGS, RATINGS, RATINGS – Everyone’s Favorite Topic!
  • NO EARLY START RATINGS!  Tri Level, Adult 18 & Over Men, Adult 18 & Over Women and Mixed 18+ use 2016 Year-End ratings to form teams.
  • Year End Ratings will be released around December 1st
  • All players will need to play at Year End Rating Level approx. 10 days following release of YE ratings.  Players are NOT GRANDFATHERED on existing teams at prior levels (except Tri Level).
  • Players will be given the opportunity to appeal their rating.  If your rating has dropped, you can continue to play “up” a level.  If your rating has increased, you cannot play below your rating level unless your appeal is granted.
  • Players on straight level teams (women or men) who move “up” a level but whose appeals are not granted will be given the opportunity to register for a team at their new level without charge by the date to be provided.
  • Mixed League Rating Reminder – Doubles teams should be based on the combined Year End ratings after the deadline that will be announced with the release of these ratings.
  • Tri-Level – Grandfathered at current levels; Year-End ratings will not apply.
  1. Other Reminders – Nuts & Bolts!
    • All matches (except Tri Level) play full 3 sets based on captain vote
    • Positioning of Head-to-Head results in scoring changed.  For all 3 or 5 position leagues, score based on
      • Team Wins
      • Position Wins
      • Fewest Sets Lost
      • Fewest Games Lost
      • Head to Head
      • Coin Toss
  • SPORTSMANSHIP – what it’s all about!
  • POST SEASON QUALIFICATION RULES – In a flight of 4 – 1 team advances; in a flight of 5 or more – 2 teams advance.  Applies to all leagues except Tri (top team only advances)
    • Teams Must field a valid match – 2 of 3 positions (2.5, Mixed) 3 of 4 positions (40+), or 3 of 5 positions (Adult 18+ Men & Women).  All matches must be completed, whether or not match “matters” to standings!
    • If a team can’t field a “valid” match – we need to know about it ASAP.  Because all matches MUST be completed, we will reschedule enough positions to make a match “valid” with the team defaulting the remaining matches.  The defaulting team will also lose toss and 3 games on all positions that need to be rescheduled.  All situations where this rescheduling is required will be reviewed for possible additional penalty.
    • OUT OF ORDER DEFAULTS – Must forfeit from the bottom up (i.e., 3rd doubles, or 2nd singles up).  HOWEVER, note exceptions in rules for tardy / absent players who are expected to arrive for a given match.  Please make us aware of these situations so we don’t question on-line results.
      • Notify club at least 48 hours prior to match start time to avoid fees, (The defaulting captain is responsible to cancel the court, regardless of whether that captain is the home or away captain), and
      • Notify opposing captain 2 hours before the match start time of the positions to be defaulted
      • Note that earlier notifications to some captains have caused issues.  For example, captain A notifies captain B early in the week that 2S will be defaulted.  The day before the match, captain A loses another player due to a conflict.  Captain A tries to call Captain B to try to change defaulted position to 3D, but players have already made other arrangements.
    • WEATHER-RELATED ISSUES – Please do not make weather calls until the day of the match (unless a storm is extremely severe).  When an entire match can’t be played due to inclement weather, please try to field as many positions as possible.  Some players may live close to the match location and may feel comfortable getting there without risking injury.  Court schedules are jam packed, so getting these positions in if possible is very much appreciated and helps the overall schedules.
    • RESCHEDULED MATCHES – If a match is cancelled due to weather, the League Coordinators will provide some options for make-up dates.
    • COACHING – Not allowed in any form – between courts or from the gallery.  One captain’s job is to make sure players are equipped with and knowledgeable of the rules, but captains can not intervene with matches in progress if players do not know applicable rules.
    • SIGNED SCORECARDS – should be maintained by both captains after the match.  One captain inputs scores; the other confirms on-line.  Large numbers of matches are still not being confirmed online.  Several matches disputed weeks after the fact. PLEASE review the scores for accuracy when you put them in before you click accept.
    • CONFIRM YOUR MATCHES – IMPORTANT 1 week in advance with the opposing captain and the club.  Mistakes happen – so please take responsibility for your team’s schedule.  Also double-check on-line info vs any e-mail info received.
    • ROSTER SIZES / MULTIPLE LEAGUE PLAY OPPORTUNITIES – The Captain’s Challenge!  Conflicts, conflicts, conflicts…..  Playing at multiple levels ……
  1. OTHER
  • Website – www.westernmass.usta.com – a valuable resource for all league forms, rules, tips and lots of other info!
  • Updated 2017-18 rules to be posted on website.  May be adjusted slightly after USTA NE Review.
  • Court fees – $20 per 2 hours
  • Championship Dates/Locations –will be on website.
  • Questions / concerns?


We LOVE this game!!

Karen and Dawn