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What do these ratings include? These ratings include results of matches played in Sanctioned NTRP Tournaments, Leagues, Sectionals and the National Championships during the 2017 championship year. Combo and Tri-Level results are not included. Mixed Doubles results are used if that was the only league that you participated in.

What level can I play in sanctioned tournaments and leagues? If you received a 4.0 year-end rating, you must play at the 4.0 level or higher.

How do I appeal my rating? The appeals process in automated. If you wish to try and appeal your rating, either up or down, you will go to TennisLink. Under “Find a Rating”, you must put in your USTA number, (not your name), and you will see the option to appeal. Choose to either appeal up or down. You will get an instant response back. Your appeal will either be approved or denied, depending on whether your rating meets the appeals criteria.

Please, no phone calls.

(Please note, if your appeal is granted, it can not be changed back, so please do not appeal unless you are certain that you want to do so.)