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Tiebreak and Timed Match Procedures

Print and take a copy with you to the match

Coman Tiebreak Procedure

The Coman Tiebreak Procedure is used when playing the 12-Point Tiebreak. The player whose turn it is to serve shall serve the first point from the deuce court; after the first point, the players shall change ends and the following two points shall be served by the opponent's) (in doubles, the player of the opposing team due to serve next), starting with the ad court; after this, each player/team shall serve alternately for two consecutive points (starting with the ad court), changing ends after every four points, until the end of the tiebreak game.

Change ends after the following points:

• 1st point,

• 5th point

• 9th point

• and ever 4 points thereafter until the conclusion of the tiebreak. (win by 2 points)

9-Point Tiebreak

The 9-point tiebreak is sometimes used to determine the winner of a set. A player who first wins five points wins the game and set.

  • The player whose turn it is to serve is the server for the first and second points, into the right service court and then the left service court.
  • The opponent is the server for the third and fourth points, right and left.
  • Player changes end after four points. The first server serves the fifth and sixth points, right and left.
  • The opponent serves the seventh and eighth points, right and left. If the score reaches four points all, the second server serves the final point of the tiebreak game into either the right or left court, whichever the opponent chooses.
  • The players change ends to begin the next set. The player who began the set that ended in a tiebreak shall receive for the first game of the next set.

Timed Matches and the 10 Minute Procedure

Players must be off the court two hours after the scheduled match time. At exactly 10-minutes before the end of the match the players should assess their match using the information below.

If Tied
2 sets done Play 12-point tiebreak using the Coman Tiebreak Procedure
1 set done Play 9-point tiebreak for set. If split, 9-point tiebreak for match
Up 1 Game
Play 1 game If tied 9-point tiebreak
Up 2 Games
Win match
Time-Up: if tied, a sudden death point must be played. Receiving team chooses receiver of serve. Or the team who is ahead in points is the winner
Before the players leave the court, they must declare a winner.