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FAQs about Ratings

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(Special note: The following information has been compiled at the local level with the intent to be helpful. The official USTA Rating Information will supersede in the event there is an error.)

How often do player ratings come out? Twice a year. The first rating announcement is called Early Start League (ESL) Ratings and is released in September. ESL is used for USTA Leagues where players begin registration and their match play starts prior to the second rating announcement of Year-End ratings in mid-November.

What is a “Benchmark” player? A benchmark player is an individual who played in a District or Sectional championships in the past season.

Is the ESL rating appealable?An ESL rating is appealable, even to "Benchmark" players (those players who played in District or Sectional championships this past season). However, it is only appealable online in the process of registering for a team, and it is only appealable if the player registers for a team prior to the release of the Year- End Ratings.

When can I appeal my rating? If you elect to appeal your rating, this can only be done when you register for your fall early start team.

How do I appeal my rating? You can appeal your early start league rating only when registering for a team in a 2009 early start league via the TennisLink System. If your rating is too high for that team when you are registering then you will be prompted with an "appeal rating" button. This appeal process will grant the appeal if the player is within the appeal guidelines and deny the appeal if they are not within the guidelines.

Will I find out online if my appeal has been granted or denied? Yes. You will see immediately online if your rating has been appealed or denied. A granted appealed rating will show up on the team’s roster.

Why would an appeal be denied? A rating is a computerized math calculation. If a rating is more than .05 points of the current level, the appeal will be denied.

Is there a way to see the exact rating? A person’s exact rating is not viewable.

What is the process for appealing a rating to a higher level? Exceptions that will not be handled by the online appeal process for 2007 National Benchmarks (those that participated in the 2007 Nationals tournament) and players that want to appeal up. Please contact your league coordinators at wmasstennis@yahoo.com. These exceptions will need to be submitted to the section office.

What is the process for filing a medical appeal? Click here for information about medical appeal guidelines and submission procedures. Medical Appeals must be submitted by going through the New England website, www.ustanewengland.com/ustaleagues/forms print a copy of the NTRP appeal form, complete the form, attach the doctor's prognosis on official stationary, attach a non refundable check for $25 and send the completed information to USTA New England Attn: Appeals, 110 Turnpike Rd, Westborough MA 01581.

Can I appeal if I played in a districts and/or sectionals but did not register for a team prior to the release of year-end ratings? You are a benchmark player if you played in districts and/or sectionals in the past season. A Year-End Rating (published mid-November) will NOT be appealable by a "Benchmark" player. However, if that player has already registered for an Early Start team prior to the release of these ratings, that player may continue to play on the ESL team for the duration of the season. - A player with a Computer or Benchmark rating may not be NTRP disqualified at any point in the season (does not apply to Self-rated, Mixed Exclusive, Tournament Exclusive or Medical Appeals). For example, the mixed and senior season starts after year-end ratings are release. You can not appeal if you only play in one or both of those leagues.

What happens if I am granted an appeal but my rating goes up again in the year-end ratings and I register for a senior and/or mixed team which starts after year-end ratings? You must register for a senior and/or mixed at that higher level. Your ESL rating is protected through the season for the team you registered for prior to the release of the final ratings. Any team you register for after the release of the year-end rating must be at your year-end rating level or higher.

I do not currently have a rating and will be joining a USTA team. What do I do? USTA New England requires all players who want to self rate to complete and submit a player history form. This includes specific player guidelines that will allow USTA New England to approve self ratings for those players who have college experience, who are teaching pros or those players with extensive playing history. Click here for more information about Self Rating.

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