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Did you know you can warm up on the court prior to a USTA match?
ANSWER...There is no prohibition for warming-up on the courts prior to USTA match. Note that all players must be on their assigned courts at the match start time with fees paid and line-ups exchanged 5 minutes prior to the match start time. Warm-ups must be coordinated with the club and court fees may apply.
Did you know you have access to the email addresses and phone numbers for the captains in your league?
ANSWER...To find the Team Captains Report, go to the USTA League Page and sign-in with your USTA Number where it says Captains and Coordinators. Then go to your team page (shows all the teams in your flight and your standings). On that page in the upper right hand corner there is a flight link. Click on that link and the next page will show a Team Captains Report Radio button. Click that link and a report will come up that report gives you all the names, email addresses, and phone numbers for the captains and co-captains of all the teams in your flight.
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