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Captain's Corner (updated 10/04/09)


Captain's Meeting Agenda for 9/12/09
Important Documents:


a. Dawn Fleury & Karen Fawthrop – Local League Coordinators

b. Marie Roncalli – Treasurer

c. Louise Sterling – Webmaster

d. Celia Lucas & Bert Terrinca – Park & Recreation League Coordinators

e. Heather Anastos – USTA NE Director of Competitive Tennis

f. Congratulations to all who advanced to the District and Sectional Championships!


a. Vote on proposed rule changes – 1 per team. Leave in ballot box before leaving.

b. On BACK of Ballot, please indicate KNOWN dates your team can not field a match. See notes regarding dates we will play.

c. 2009 Captain’s Gift pick-up.

d. Escrow updates, if necessary. See Treasurer Marie Roncalli



Adult Women Need 8 in-level players by 9/19, First matches 9/26
Adult Men Need 8 in-level players by 9/26, first matches 10/3
Mixed Need 3 in-level doubles teams by 10/24, first matches 10/31
2.5 Women Need 5 in-level players by 1/15, first matches 2/5
Seniors Need 6 in-level players by 1/8, first matches 1/22
Super Seniors Depends on the # of teams and availability.  Ideally, May through June

Note that schedules will be released after all teams in the flight have met their in-level requirements. Teams must have funded their escrow balance in order to receive match dates.

4. Ratings

a) Early Start League (ESL) ratings have been released. Adult Men’s, Women’s (except 2.5) and Mixed use these ratings to form teams

b) From New England Section USTA Regulations:

i) When registering for an ESL team, if a player’s early start rating is higher than what is required for the team they will be given the opportunity for an automated appeal down during the registration process. Their appeal will be granted or denied during that process based on whether or not they meet the eligibility requirements. The benchmark restriction does not apply to this process. All appeals up will continue to be done using the manual process and must be submitted to the local league coordinator who will include them on the spreadsheet and send the request to the USTA New England League Manager.

ii) Early Start League Player whose Year End Rating is higher than their Early Start League Rating: The following regulation applies to the Adult, Senior, Super Senior, Mixed and Senior Mixed divisions that participate in Early Start Leagues. If a player's Year End Rating is higher than his Early Start League Rating, the player must decide the action he will proceed with:

(1)Submit a borderline appeal on line. If the appeal is granted, the player may continue to play on the Early Start League team. The player's Year End Rating will be changed on TennisLink to reflect the borderline appeal. A borderline appeal, as established by National Regulations, is automatically granted if the player qualifies.

(2) If the borderline appeal is denied, a player cannot continue to play on the Early Start League team and must move to his appropriate NTRP level of play within ten days of the publication of year end ratings.

(3) If a player's Year End Rating is higher than his Early Start League Rating, and he decides not to file a borderline appeal he must move up to the next NTRP level of play.

(4) If a player chooses to appeal his Year End Rating in order to remain on the Early Start League team and the appeal is granted, the player will not be eligible to file a second appeal later in the championship season to qualify for in-level NTRP roster requirements for another team or for any other reason.

(5) If a player must move to the next higher NTRP level, all matches played in the Early Start League prior to the Year End rating publication date plus ten days, will stand.

c) A Year-End Rating (published mid-late November) will NOT be appealable by a "Benchmark" player (a player who competed in a District or Sectional championship this past season.)

5. Last Season went well - But...

a) DEFAULTS – Teams Must field a valid match – 2 of 3 positions (2.5, Seniors, Mixed, Super-Seniors) or 3 of 5 positions (Adult Men & Women). PLEASE REVIEW SCHEDULES WHEN THEY ARE PUBLISHED and ADVISE WITHIN 7 DAYS IF THERE WILL BE ANY ISSUES. Also see new Team Default & Forfeiture rule language regarding this situation.

b) OUT OF ORDER DEFAULTS – Must forfeit from the bottom up (i.e., 3rd doubles, or 2nd singles up). HOWEVER, note exceptions in rules for tardy / absent players who are expected to arrive for a given match. Please make us aware of these situations so we don’t question on-line results.

c) WEATHER-RELATED ISSUES – Please do not make weather calls until the day of the match (unless a storm is extremely severe). When an entire match can’t be played due to inclement weather, please try to field as many positions as possible. Some players may live close to the match location and may feel comfortable getting there without risking injury. Court schedules are jam packed, so getting these positions in if possible is very much appreciated and helps the overall schedules.

d) RESCHEDULED MATCHES – If a match is cancelled due to weather, captains of both teams will be responsible for finalizing make-up plans, including reserving the courts and advising the League Coordinators of the rescheduled match date/time. The League Coordinators will provide a date by which the match must be completed.

e) SENIOR SCHEDULES – “Summer” portion of senior schedule was released late. We anticipate being able to publish the dates of these matches this year with the original schedule; times will need to follow a bit later.

f) SEASONS MUST BE COMPLETED BY ALL TEAM. All matches, including those postponed due to weather must be completed to avoid team penalty

g) ROSTER SIZES / MULTIPLE LEAGUE PLAY OPPORTUNITIES – The Captain’s Challenge! Conflicts, conflicts, conflicts…..

h) TIMED MATCHES – If the match is tied at the expiration of time, play a deciding point to determine the winner of the match. See new rule clarification dealing with the procedures for this.

i) COACHING – Not allowed in any form – between courts or from the gallery. Captains should not interfere with matches in progress.

j) CONFIRM YOUR MATCHES – 1 week in advance with the opposing captain and the club. Mistakes happen – so please take responsibility for your team’s schedule. Also double-check on-line info vs any e-mail info received.


6. Other

a) Updated local rules to follow after vote. National & New England rules will follow as soon as they are ready.

b) Court fees – $17 per 2 hours

c) Districts Dates – Check the Website

d) Areas we are looking to grow – 2.5 Women, Senior Men (all levels), Super Senior Men & Women (all levels), 4.5 Men & Women

e) Other Opportunities – Flex Leagues, Combo Leagues & Tri-Leagues

7. Questions / New Business

a) Rule Changes & Vote!

Thank you....We LOVE this game!! Karen and Dawn

Volunteers welcome!! Assistance needed for planning captain’s meetings, helping with Districts, training new captains, other projects! wmasstennis@yahoo.com