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Captain's Corner (updated 10/04/09)


Click here for Captain's meeting follow-up and Voting Results

Click here to view the email sent on 12/2/08 regarding Ratings, Appeals and 2.5 Future Registration

Registration is now open for Mixed and Senior teams!! Deadline is set for Sunday, December 7th. Captains have been provided the team number and will be providing to their team. Captains who do not have a number should contact the league coordinators. Reminder: An appeal to an individual's early start league rating must be done at time of registration.

Rule Change Proposal Results and Court Fees
can be found in the information update section below!

The following information was discussed at the Captains's meeting on September 6, 2008 Good luck in the upcoming season and have fun!!


Season Start Dates

Adult Women Need 8 in-level players by 9/19, First matches 9/26
Adult Men Need 8 in-level players by 9/26, first matches 10/3
Mixed Need 3 in-level doubles teams by 10/24, first matches 10/31
2.5 Women Need 5 in-level players by 1/15, first matches 2/5
Seniors Need 6 in-level players by 1/8, first matches 1/22
Super Seniors Depends on the # of teams and availability.  Ideally, May through June


Season Deadlines

Team & Home Site Commitment form - If you need the form, please click here.

  • September 6 for all leagues – Teams have 1 week from release of ESL and Year-End ratings to adjust their team commitments, if necessary.

TennisLink roster deadline

  • September 26 – Adult Women Early Start Leagues, except 2.5W & 4.5M (8 in-level players)
  • September 26 – Adult Men Early Start Leagues, except 2.5W & 4.5M (8 in-level players)
  • December 7 – Senior, Super Senior & Mixed (6 in-level players)
  • Sometime between November 26 and December 20 – 2.5W and 4.5M. Will advise depending on whether teams are ready to go right after YE ratings are released.

Please note: Schedules will be made available after all teams in the flight have fully funded their escrow accounts and met their in-level requirements.

Rating - Early Start Leagues ratings have been release and changes have been made to the rating process. Please click on the following links for detailed information:

Important reminders to make this season even better:

  • Defaults - A team must field a valid match – 2 of 3 positions (2.5, Seniors, Mixed, Super Seniors) or 3 of 5 positions (Adult Men & Women). PLEASE REVIEW SCHEDULES WHEN THEY ARE PUBLISHED and ADVISE WITHIN 7 DAYS IF THERE WILL BE ANY ISSUES. PENALTIES FOR NOT FIELDING A MATCH ARE OUTLINED IN THE RULES. (click here for rules)
  • Default Time to Avoid Court Fees – Must be cancelled 48 hours in advance.
  • Out of Order Defaults – Must forfeit from the bottom up (i.e., 3rd doubles, or 2nd singles up). HOWEVER, note exceptions in rules for tardy / absent players who are expected to arrive for a given match. Please make us aware of these situations so we don’t question on-line results.
  • Coaching – Not allowed in any form – between courts or from the gallery. Pay particular attention at GMTC where players can more easily see and hear spectators.
  • Warm-up before a scheduled match – there is no rule in place that prohibits warming up on the courts prior to a scheduled match. (Some may remember that there used to be such a rule.) Note that all players must be on their assigned courts at the match start time, and fees need to be paid and line-ups exchanged 5 minutes prior to the start of a match.
  • Weather-related issues – Please do not make weather calls until the day of the match (unless a storm is extremely severe). When an entire match can’t be played due to inclement weather, please try to field as many positions as possible. Some players may live close to the match location and may feel comfortable getting there without risking injury. Court schedules are jam packed, so getting positions in whenever possible is very much appreciated and helps the overall schedules.
  • Coman tiebreak, 9-point tiebreak and timed matches – click here


Rule Change Proposal Results

Winner of a flight will be determined as follows:

  • Position Wins for Adult Women, Senior/Super Senior Women
  • Team Wins for Adult Men, Senior/Super Senior Men, and Mixed

Match Format for Men, Senior/Super Senior Men

  • Men Senior/Super Senior Men will now play best 2 of 3 sets. (10 point super tiebreak played in lieu of 3rd set will no longer be used)
Court Fees
$17 per match

Stay tuned for upcoming information:

  • Updated National New England rules
  • 2009 Championship dates/Team eligibility
  • Potential flight restructuring to increase match play

Volunteers welcome!! Assistance needed for planning captain’s meetings, helping with Districts, training new captains, other projects! wmasstennis@yahoo.com