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2009 NTRP Year End Rating
2009 Year End Rating Publication:

Effective November 30 2009 year end NTRP ratings will be published on TennisLink (Find a Rating).  The message box below is a communication to all USTA members from USTA National explaining major changes.

As a result of the overall adjustment of ratings, the 2010 Early Start Leagues have been impacted.  This new information was not available for planning purposes when the ESL teams registered.

Effective Immediately:The USTA New England Section League Tennis Committee voted to reinstate USTA New England League Regulation 12.C. for 2010.

Note: Self rated players are not eligible to be grandfathered even if they played 2 matches in an ESL and received a 2009 YE rating.

2010 National & Section Regulations:


B.     Early Start League Rating: Dynamic Ratings are published following the New England USTA League Section Championships. The early start league rating will be considered 'Early Start League Ratings'for local leagues where players register and league matches begin before the 'Year End Ratings'are published in November.

C.     Early Start League Ratings are protected for players registered on an early start league roster once Year End Ratings are published. To qualify as an Early Start League teams must be registered, a schedule generated and matches started before Nov 1st.  The ratings of computer rated players (not self rated players) registered on an Early Start League team are protected for that championship year.  No further action is required.  All registrations for Early Start League rosters and any other rosters after Year End ratings are published will default to the Year End rating.


2010 USTA League Regulations (3 strike procedure)


Applies only to the USTA League Adult and Senior divisions.

3.04A NTRP Disqualification Procedures. Dynamic ratings will be calculated for all players during local league competition, and at every level of championship competition below National Championships, to determine if any players have reached the NTRP disqualification criteria stated in the USTA NTRP Computer Rating System Procedures. Year-end computer (C) and benchmark (B) players are not subject to dynamic NTRP disqualification. All other players (S, A, M, T, D) will be NTRP disqualified if they reach the disqualification level three (3) times based on all matches reported in the National database for the USTA League Adult and Senior divisions.

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