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What to do at Matches

what to do at matches
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Welcome away team….

Introduce the players starting with:

Boys Doubles
Girls Doubles
Boys Singles
Girls Singles
Mixed Doubles

Put out as many teams as possible ( if they have 4 boys and 4 girls all teams can go out) ( if not wait until the next player needed comes off and then put them out.)

Give each team 1 can of balls…..(please open balls for the kids)

Take the score and enter it when the team comes off the court…

Have the coach or captain sign the score sheet and return it to folder. Enter on-line after match.

If the other team or our team only has 2 players, the team forfeits that match…   You still can play it so all kids get a chance to play, but put a 0 on the score card near ex: ( Boys Doubles)

Each player can only play 2 matches….   You need to have 3 players( boys & girls) to field a full team…..

If you have a problem, talk it over with the other coach and if you both agree then that problem is solved…

All players must have good sportmanship… No racket throwing from either side…  Speak to the player and then remove if problem not resolved….