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Jr. Tennis Team Objective, Format and Rules
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Pioneer Valley Junior Tennis League
Objective, Format, Scoring & Rules
2008 League

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The primary objective of the Pioneer Valley Junior Team Tennis League is to bring TEAM tennis to as many young people in the Pioneer Valley as possible. The league will be instructional, fun, and competitive. It will allow kids to participate on teams with their friends. The more children see tennis as a team sport the more they will continue to play and invite other friends to play.

League Format

Each team is required to turn in a complete roster online, this is a $3.00 fee per player. The league fee will cover balls, tee shirts, first aid kits (new teams only) and administrative cost for the league. All teams will have balls and first aid kits provided to coaches prior to their first match.

Rosters are due on line, no later that June 21st. Players may be added up until July 18th. Late rosters will cause teams to forfeit their first match.
Copies of schedules will be provided to all coaches prior to their team’s first match.

Start and Duration of League: The league schedule will be out June 20th
With first practices and matches beginning the week of June 25th.

The league will be formed of teams from area communities. The league will have a North and South Zone for all its divisions. Teams will be placed in the following divisions

14 AND UNDER Ages 10-14 (14 or under by Aug 31., 2008 ).
18 AND UNDER Ages 13-18 (18 or under by Aug 31., 2008 ).

Team Format

Teams will be comprised of a minimum of 6 players with a maximum of _____.
The teams will be mixed gender. A minimum of 3 girls, and 3 boys.

Match format

Matches will be played on Wednesday each week, starting time 6:00 p.m., with scores being reported via Tennis link with in 48 hours for publication in local newspapers (hopefully). In the event of rain, matches will be rescheduled the same week with the agreement of both coaches and notification to the league director. Coaches please call a day or so before match to make sure everything is set to go.


A team match will consist of 5 individual matches. All matches will be scored as follows:

A match will consist of 2 sets up to 4 games with no ad scoring.

A 12-point tiebreaker will be played if the score is 3 games all.

A 12 point tiebreaker (first team to 7 and you must win by 2 points) (ie:7-5,8-6 )

If players split sets, a match tiebreaker will be used
(FIRST team to 10 points). (Not by 2 points)

Order of play
The order of play will be:
Boys and Girls Doubles
Boys and Girls Singles
Mixed Doubles

Order of Default
The order of default will be:
Boys or Girls Doubles
Mixed Doubles
Boys or Girls Singles

All coaches are encouraged by the League to play all players on roster at least twice during season. This will allow the player to qualify for WMA. Tournament
Exchange line-up before match.

Coaching will be allowed during matches during changeovers on odd games. Coaching will be limited to 90 seconds.

Matches will be played by order of strength. It is up to the coaches to determine this. It is also up to the coaches to correct unsportsmanlike conduct and inappropriate language whether on or off the court. After one warning the offending player will forfeit the match.

Coaches Responsibilities

Teams have one supervised formal practice per week.
Team members are informed of match times and sites.
Home team coach will use their league supplied tennis balls.
Home team will have a first aid kit available at matches.

Western Ma. District Tournament Aug. 9,10, 2008 @ Forest Park Courts.

Sectional Tournament Aug 19 & 20,2008 Longmeadow/Forest Park

Regional Tournament Oct. 2008 TBA ?

National Champtionships Nov. 2008 ?